Lamel Professional

Matte Soft Touch Lipstick

Lamel Professional
Matte Soft Touch Lipstick

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Weight: 3.8g
Collection: OhMy

Description Matte Soft Touch Lipstick

The Matte Soft Touch matte lipsticks represent the perfect palette of the nude shades. 

The lipstick instantly creates a feeling of comfort on the lips and does not dry them out. 

It will become your favorite product in the makeup bag due to a long-wear pigmented formula and stylish case design.

Application Matte Soft Touch Lipstick

Apply the lipstick along the contour towards the center. 

Pat your lips with a paper towel and apply the second coat to make it last longer and to keep the colour bright. 

To create a natural effect of the plump lips, apply Matte Soft Lipstick with your fingertips.

Composition Matte Soft Touch Lipstick

Water, castor oil, lanolin, beeswax, vitamin E, , 

UV filters, myristyl lactate, silica, aromatic base

oktildodekanon, CI42090.

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