About Us

It's all in your hands,

Our Story

LAMEL was founded in 2012 by Natalia Iaromenko, who always wanted to create something new, without limitations and boundaries. And that's how the history of LAMEL began.

We are a makeup brand that aims to empower, inspire, motivate, and expand people's possibilities by creating products, conditions, and environments that encourage action and creativity and help fulfill dreams.

We defy limitations.

Our Goal is to redirect the focus in life and remind you of the immense strength, courage, creativity, and energy that lies within you.

We claim that beauty doesn’t require sacrifice

We never test on animals — and never will.
We are a cruelty-free PETA brand focused on producing innovative products and shaping new trends.

Feel empowered and unique with limited collections

Discover our limited collections with innovative formulas, designed to elevate your spirits, and a high-quality basic assortment. Plunge into experiments. Give free rein to creativity and imagination.

Let`s make on eyes, lips and cheeks

Most of our formulas are inclusive and multi-functional. One product can express any of your moods and be used in a wide variety of ways

Empowering Makeup

Lamel in media

Read more about us in famous world magazines. Find out how we became us.

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So go ahead, take a look around, choose your favorites, and find your own style. Your empowering journey starts here!