What the shape of your lipstick says about you. The Psychology of Lipstick Shape

The Psychology of Lipstick Shape - What Does Your Lipstick Shape Say About Your Personality?

Sep 25, 2023YBrylina (Storefront dev)


What is the psychology of lipstick shape? How can lipstick shape your personality?

Lipstick is more than just a cosmetic product - it's a form of self-expression.

But did you know that the shape of your lipstick can tell you a lot about your personality?

In this article, we'll dive deep into the fascinating world of lipstick psychology. We'll explore the meanings of different lipstick shapes and discuss how childhood experiences, psychological theories and self-esteem relate to lipstick shape choice.

8 different lipstick shapes and their meanings

Flat top concave

A concave lipstick shape with a flat top indicates that you are a practical and serious person. You love efficiency and tend to get straight to the point.

Sharp corners on both sides

If you prefer lipstick with sharp angles on both sides, you may be considered a confident and assertive person. You like to take charge and make your presence known.

Sharp angled but curved tip

This unique lipstick shape indicates that you have a balance of sharpness and creativity in your personality. You are dynamic and adaptable.

Flat top

A lipstick shape with a flat top indicates that you are logical and organised. You appreciate structure and attention to detail.

Round tip

People who prefer a round tip are often considered friendly and helpful. You value harmony and enjoy making connections with others.

Sharp diagonal tip

This shape reveals a bold and adventurous personality. You are not afraid to take risks and stand out from the crowd.

Retains its original shape

If your lipstick retains its original shape, you probably value tradition and stability. You find comfort in consistency.

Round pointed tip

A round pointed tip indicates that you are a creative and artistic soul. You excel in creative pursuits and have a quirky side.

Relationship psychology in lipstick shapes

Psychological theories that explain the different shapes

Psychological theories, like the similarity theory, explain our shape preferences.

The link between self-esteem and lipstick shape choice

Lipstick shape choices often reflect self-esteem; confident individuals prefer bolder shapes.

Lipstick colour and shape combinations

The interaction between colour and shape

The combination of colour and shape of lipstick makes a huge difference in creating a unique look. The pointy end of the lipstick can be used for precise contouring, while the colour can add definition. For example, a bright red lipstick with a sharp tip can emphasise your confidence and passion.

How different combinations convey a variety of personality traits

Different combinations of lipstick colour and shape can convey different personality traits. For example, neutral shades of lipstick with a flat top can highlight your organisation and practicality, while bright colours with sharp angles can indicate your boldness and determination.

Can lipstick shape really define personality?

The role of other factors in shaping personality

It's important to realise that lipstick shape is only one of many factors that influence our personality. Our preferences can also be influenced by cultural and social influences, as well as our individual life circumstances.

Criticism from psychologists and researchers

Some psychologists emphasised that personality is far more complex and multifaceted than lipstick choice can show.

It is important not to make snap judgements based on lipstick shape alone

It is important not to judge a person solely on the shape of their lipstick. Lipstick is only one aspect of a person's personality, and it's not worth jumping to conclusions.


How can you use the psychology of lipstick shape to your advantage?

Use your knowledge of lipstick shape psychology to express yourself and emphasise your personality. Make-up is a way to express yourself, and your choice of lipstick can help you express your unique personality.

Emphasise self-expression and embrace individuality

Don't be afraid to experiment with different lipstick colours and shapes. Emphasise your individuality and confidence through your makeup.

Final thoughts on the intriguing psychology of lipstick shape

Makeup is an art, and choosing a lipstick shape can add to your confidence and help you feel better about yourself. Enjoy this fascinating journey into the world of beauty and self-expression.

Frequently asked questions

Why are lipsticks bevelled?

The bevelled shape of lipsticks has several practical advantages. Firstly, the pointed end allows you to contour your lips more precisely, making application neater and more defined. This is especially useful if you want to emphasise the shape of your lips or create a defined contour. In addition, the slanted shape helps to distribute the product evenly on the lips for longer-lasting results. The sharp tip is also handy for filling in the corners of the lips and creating a more precise make-up look.

How do you know if your lipstick looks good on you?

Choosing the right lipstick can be key to ensuring that your make-up looks harmonious and enhances your natural beauty. There are several factors to consider when choosing the shade and shape of lipstick. First of all, consider your skin tone and lip colour. This will help you choose a shade that suits and harmonises with your appearance. Also, consider the colour of your eyes, as some lipstick shades can accentuate their beauty. Also, determine your skin type so that you can choose the lipstick texture that is most comfortable for you. Feel free to experiment and try different options to find the lipstick that will make you feel confident and beautiful.

Why is lipstick pointed?

The pointed shape of lipstick has several advantages. The pointed tip helps you apply lipstick precisely and contour your lips. It is ideal for creating clean lines and emphasising the shape of the lips. This type of lipstick also usually has a convenient shape for laying the outline of the lips and creating the desired shape. Thus, the sharp tip helps to achieve a more professional and neat lip makeup look.

Which lipstick is more attractive?

The appeal of lipstick depends on personal style and preference. The ideal choice of lipstick is a balance between shade and shape. Skin type, eye colour and personal tastes should be considered when choosing a lipstick.

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