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Eyeshadows Kit Meduza

Lamel Professional
Eyeshadows Kit Meduza

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Collection: Meduza

Description Eyeshadows Kit Meduza

An eyeshadow palette consisting of 12 shades of eyeshadow suitable for both natural and creative makeup that will help express yourself.

The palette combines soft texture and ease of application as accurately transmits color: shining and matt finish, satin texture and shimmering glitter.

The shades in the palette combine perfectly with each other and look great individually. The eyeshadow respond well to layering and shading, and thanks to the excellent pigmentation and resistance they will not crumble, slide and fade during the day.

Application Eyeshadows Kit Meduza

Apply eyeshadow with a brush or applicator.

Depending on the makeup you choose, add color accents and blend borders.

For maximum color density, apply shimmering shades and glitters using your fingertips.

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