Lamel Professional

HD Face Contour

Lamel Professional
HD Face Contour

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Weight: 6 g
Collection: INSTA

Description HD Face Contour

FaceContour contour palette allows creating natural shades and shimmering flares, accentuating the natural face structure with the help of two universal shades. 

Due to the small grinding and soft texture, the product is easily piled on the brush and evenly blends. 

Perfect for the face sculpting for both evening and daytime makeup.

Application HD Face Contour

Apply the dark shade along the natural cheekbones shadow, along the contour of the face and to darken the crease.

 Add a light shine to the skin with a light shade, emphasize the area above the cheekbone, apply under the eyebrow, in the corner of the eyes and along the lip contour to give the effect of the volume. 

It can also be used as a powder-veil for the whole face to fix makeup and give freshness to the skin.

Composition HD Face Contour

Aqua, qlycerol, mineral oil, titanium dioxide, polyglycery-2 dioleat/polyglyceryl-3 distearate, 

cyclometicone squalame, ethylhexyl palmitate, kaoline, talc, yellow red Iron oxide, magnesium stearate, 

mgso4*7h2o, perfume, diazolidinyl urea, methylparaben.

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