Lamel Professional

Eyeliner & Brow Angle Brush

Lamel Professional
Eyeliner & Brow Angle Brush

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Description Eyeliner & Brow Angle Brush

A thin beveled brush made of tightly assembled synthetic fiber perfectly retains its shape and allows you to make the most thin and clear lines. 

It is optimally suitable for both dry and cream textures of varying degrees of density. 

Multifunctional to use and indispensable for flawless daily makeup.

Application Eyeliner & Brow Angle Brush

Dial the desired product and smooth lines, applying a brush along the cut line to the skin, apply it. 

For eyebrow makeup - do neat strokes in the direction of hair growth and filling in empty areas. 

For eye makeup - apply a creamy or pressed texture on the tip of the brush and draw a line moving from the inner corner of the eye to the outer along the base of the eyelashes. Adjust the thickness of the arrow by pressing the brush.

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