Lamel Professional

Eye Shader Brush Medium

Lamel Professional
Eye Shader Brush Medium

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Description Eye Shader Brush Medium

A comfortable brush for eyeshadow and pigments made of tightly assembled synthetic pile, which is suitable even for sensitive skin of the eyelids. 

Functional combination of an ergonomic handle and delicate fiber to create a perfect uniform coating and soft shading.

Application Eye Shader Brush Medium

Lightly circle the product on the brush, removing excess if necessary. 

Apply in the center of the eyelid and smoothly blend along the crease, the eyelash growth line and the outer corner of the eye, smoothing out the color transitions of the shadows. 

When applying dry shimmers and glitters, gently apply a brush to the eyelid until the pigment is completely fixed on the skin and then begin shading along the contour.

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